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10 Days to Christmas:

Only 10 Days to Christmas: “What can I get my wife / husband or significant other for Christmas?” Here’s an idea: what about a half hour, one hour or even a 90 minute therapeutic massage at our clinic?

A personalised thoughtful gift: Who doesn’t like a great massage? Everybody loves the personalised caring touch of a great massage therapist and we have the best on the Sunshine Coast.

Mari Borges has many techniques: Mari will consult with you asking how can she help and what are you looking for in today’s massage? From a traditional remedial, to dry cupping Mari knows and uses 6 different techniques to suit your needs. Ask her to finish your massage using topical magnesium to soften and lengthen the muscle and ligament tissue.

Attractive Gift Certificates for Christmas: Call our reception and ask for a gift certificate for your special friend. I guarantee she or he will appreciate the thought that went into you getting such a great and personalised gift for them. As you can imagine Mari is getting busier as we get closer to Christmas.

Holiday Makers to Noosa are welcome: If you and your family are visiting our bit of paradise, why not get a couple of Mari’s massages while you are in a chill mode. A lot of people today have a siting job and often slumped for hours over a computer at a work desk. Now’s your chance to get those tight stiff knotted muscles worked on and then go have a swim on Noosa Main Beach. Sounds good to me, I personally get a regular fortnightly massage with Mari. She is the best on the Coast.

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