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3 Health Tips to Combat Corona Virus:

Mental Health Suffers With Social Distancing and Corona Virus Will Be Impacted: Record numbers of Australians suffer with anxiety and depression, and in the uncertain times with social distancing and isolation adds to the tragedy of mental health sufferers. In Australia in 2018 suicides were recorded at 8.3 deaths per day. Today there are further disturbing stresses that will add to anxiety and depression., and no doubt the suicide numbers.

Talk to Family and Friends on The telephone Each Day: While we are in this place of uncertainty and hardship both mentally, financially, and through social distancing, we need to recognise how fortunate we are to have digital platforms that allow us to see and speak to friends and loved ones world wide.

Force Yourself To Use the Telephone at Least Once a Day: Pick up your phone and “call a friend”. Know they are in the same predicament during these difficult times and they care for you. I talk to my son in Hong Kong, my daughter in the USA and my children in Brisbane almost every day. With video calls we can see and talk to our children, grandchildren, and loved ones, and all for free. What an age we live in….

If It’s To Be It’s Up To Me: Like all aspects of taking care of your own health, don’t deny your mental health and the human need for contact with community, family and friends. They also have the same needs and will be delighted to be with you in a virtual visit on the telephone.

Three Tips To Better Health and Immunity: (1) Releasing stuck spinal bones enhances health by assisting with a more adaptable nervous system. Regular spina adjustments with your Chiropractor. (2) Gut Health it is said accounts for 90% of the body’s immune response. Probiotics in a natural form of sauerkraut and Kombucher along with a high fiber diet to add prebiotics, and (3) communicate in our virtual reality world of video telephone calls with family and friends.

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