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5 Keys to Health and Happiness


 There are 2 systems that control and coordinate normal healthy body function. (1) I have grouped together the first key in 2 parts  (A) The Central Nervous System (brain and spinal cord), which depends on freedom of spinal movement, and this is the responsibility of your Chiropractic Doctor. Their job is to free stuck and misaligned spinal bones to allow a free flow of nerve supply throughout the spinal cord and the exiting nerve roots. Regular Chiropractic check ups and corrections will assist.    Call us at Noosa Life Chiropractic and Massage and we will give your spine and nervous system a good check up. (B) The Enteric Nervous System involves the gut bacterial, it’s population and continuous balance. In fact the gut has been said to support as high as 90% of the autoimmune system of your body. One of the better lactobacillus sources is from fermented grains. These can be sourced and sent to your front door by courier from Brisbane or look up on your Google search engine “Grainfields”.

(2) Live nutrition full of natural goodness. Look for the brightly coloured fruit and vegetables, generally speaking the brighter the colour the more nutritious the food is. Organic is always best and there is a new classification in the market “biodynamic”. This indicates the attention has been paid to the soils the produce was grown in being full of essential minerals and bacteria.

(3) Exercise to keep the internal and muscle tissue on the outside toned and full of oxygen and nutrition. The heart is essentially a pump and it is squeezed by muscles which also need exercise “cardio vascular exercise”. Short bursts of intense muscular stress are needed to stimulate the blood flow, oxygen flow and all the other functions of blood flow.

(4) Rest and Relaxation is another key to health and well being. Your body recovers and builds new cells to replace the old ones during it’s resting phase. It needs good sleep to recoup it’s vitality. Relaxation comes in many forms. A technique I use is meditation. Every morning I meditate to calm my mind and contemplate the qualities I intend to have in my life for that day. Another thing I meditate on is “present time consciousness”, being in the moment every minute of the day.

(5) A good mental attitude is essential and can be worked on by staying in the moment, being grateful, and anticipate the best life has to offer. I read somewhere “as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”. Then if I can control my mind, my thinking I can be happy, positive and a blessing to all around me.

These are the 5 keys to health and they don’t cost, they pay!! For further information please call and ask to speak to me, Dr Richard and i will do my best to answer your questions.


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