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5 Tips for a Happy Healthy Life:

Approach each day with an attitude of gratitude: Universal aw #1 “Universe always answers YES”. If you anounce on awakening “today is a great day, I can’t waite to love and appreciate all I do and all I experience”. Remember Universe answers “Yes”, and you will have a great day. On the other hand if you open your eyes and exclaim “Oh God today is going to be a lousy day”, again Universe answers “Yes”. You see there is no such word as “no” uttered by Universe, it’s always “yes”.

Probiotics to start your digestive system: Science tells us that as high as 90% of our auto imune system is controlled by the micro organisms we know as gut bacteria (our gut biome) then every morning take fermented lactobacillus to replenish those organisms atb the start of the day.

Fish Oils, from real Fish of course: Why take a processed capsule of fish oil when you can quite conveniently take a slice of smoked salmon? Your supermarket sells sliced fresh salmon packaged and refrigerated. Other great oils providing anti oxidants are advocado, and uncooked olive oil. Include these oils every morning for breakfast, providing your body with the antioxidants to break down and prevent free radical damage.

Meditation to calm your Agitated Mind: Make time to be alone, quietly sit, close your eyes and experience the sensations of your body, your environment and your spirit. clear the mind of all the chatter and useless destructive images coming through it. At this moment non of the noise of the mind is needed. It is called practice, because after learning a technique to suite you, you will need to practice every day and then you are bound to be succesfull.

Live each moment of each day “In the moment”: if you don’t quite get this principle then I recommend a small book called “the power of now”, by Eckhart Tolle. Suffering exists in the realms of past and future, and it is absent if you give your full attention to NOW. We have heard the expression “stop and smell the roses”, well make each moment a rose and be entirely present. Experience the texture, the smell, the sounds, and the sight of the moment in front of you. It’s always real, and it is a realm of happiness, a release from suffering.

Peace, love and happiness from your wellness team at


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