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"A Big Thank You To All Our Front Line Health Workers"

A Personal Experience: I have been a Chiropractic Doctor for some 47 years, working with perhaps tens of thousands of patients in their quest to get rid of pain, improve function and optimise their health. My work has always been my passion and my professional privilege to serve humanity through my philosophy, science, and art.

My Feet Of Clay: Recently I have been suffering from kidney stones, however in my true “pig headed” fashion I Have soldiered on and continued working. While adjusting patients some 3 weeks ago I literally collapsed and was taken bu ambulance to the nambour Emergency Department, and later transferred to the Sunshine Coast University Hospital Intensive Care Unit, and had emergency surgery that night for pyelonephritis (a blocked and infected kidney).

Angels Of Mercy – The Nurses and Doctors: As the patient in a very vulnerable and sick condition I had the privilege to personally observe them in action. I can’t say enough to demonstrate my appreciation and admiration for their skills, compassion, and on the job up skilling. I met many wonderful nurses – E.G. An RN (registered nurse) named Shane. Shane previously to becoming a nurse, was a motor mechanic married to an RN. In his own words one day he said, “I can do that”, and he entered the career that today he is pursuing with passion. I met another nurse called and he related a similar story. In his former career he was a wool classer and he decided to retrain as an RN. Both these men love their work and are constantly learning new skills. Of course many wonderful lady RNs, highly skilled and dedicated one such lady was in her 40th year and still working with passion and dedication.

Treated with Dignity and Respect: The predominant professionals who have always attended me for Chiropractic Care are nurses. They understand the necessity to maintain health on an ongoing monthly basis. When entering the hospital emergency I was labelled as “Dr Richard Singer”, and was treated with dignity and respect. In fact I was afforded ‘professional courtesy” by three anaesthesiologists, a surgeon and two kidney doctors (nephrologists). I am indebted to all these wonderful people and say again “thank you” to all our medical health workers.

Back at Work ASAP: Chiropractors are classified as essential services front line health care providers and are open and adjusting patients in their offices daily. Debbie will notify all our clients and patients in advance when I am able to return to work. In the mean time please rest assured that we will return to the dedication and quality of service that we are renowned for at Noosa Life Chiropractic and Massage.

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