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About Us

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Serving Patients Through Quality Care for Nearly 5 Decades:

Chiropractor Dr Richard Singer has been in practice for nearly 5 decades, after qualifying with his Doctor of Chiropractic at Cleveland Chiropractic University in the U.S. He practiced there for several years before moving to the UK, where he met his wife, Debbie, our practice manager. They returned to Debbie’s hometown, Noosa, in 1992.

Richard is one of the more experienced chiropractors on the Sunshine Coast, having provided patient care all over the globe and now offering his knowledge to Noosa and residents and vacationers.

Our Team of Professionals Are Ready to Serve You

All our professionals and our Chiropractic assistants are highly trained in the art of service. From the front desk reception, to our professional Chiropractor and massage therapist, we are dedicated to one purpose and that is to make your experience happy and to satisfy your health care needs.

Helping Others Achieve Better Health

In his 46 years in practice, Richard has become extremely skilled in assisting all ages of people feel better and reach higher levels of health and wellness. He practices hands-on, traditional chiropractic care.

Additionally, we follow up with postural advice, rehabilitation exercises and managed wellness care. We understand that you are likely seeking the help of a chiropractor due to experiencing pain.

Massage Therapy Goes Hand in Hand With Chiropractic Care

Mari, Massage TherapistFor long term pain and sickness, skilfully applied hour, or 90 minute long massage therapy before your Chiropractic Spinal Adjustment makes all the difference. Mari Borges has unique skills and uses topical magnesium rubbing it into muscles to soften and relax them before Dr Richard adjusts those offending spinal segments alleviating your pain and restoring your well being.

Choose one of our 6 different Therapeutic Massage Options by Mari Borges, and/or Chiropractic Spinal Correction by Richard. You are Always in Good Experienced Hands at our clinic from reception to practitioner:

Immediate Relief Naturally, efficiently and painlessly:

We’ll begin relief immediately at your first visit, keeping your comfort a priority and ensuring you can return to your daily activities as quickly as possible. After you’re free from discomfort, our principal focus is to provide healthcare that helps you maintain your wellbeing.

Are you wondering what we may be able to do for you, better than any other massage therapist? Mari uses topical magnesium to rub into your tired and stressed muscles and ligaments. Call Debbie at reception today and she will be happy to answer your questions.

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