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Acurate Diagnosis Leads to Successful Treatment:

Back Pain, Headaches and Symptoms Always Has a Cause:

Noosa Life Chiropractic and Massage recognises the relationship between Cause and Effect, E.G. Spinal Misalignment (subluxation), so often the cause, and the pain. “That’s why we focus on diagnosing the cause or the contributing factors to your problems, before we start your corrective treatment”.

To Make an Acurate Diagnosis We Use Modern Diagnostic Tools: A  thorough consultation and examination includes  (1) Case history, (2) physical examination using applied kinesiology, muscle testing, and common orthopedic and neurologic tests, (3) Computerised Spinal Range of Motion study, (4) Spinal weight bearing  X Rays (where needed). A temporary relief spinal adjustment is given on your first visit to help reduce your pain.

An Informative Report of Findings: After Dr Singer has collected all your data in the examination he will then make a  diagnosis and report back to you answering your 3 main questions (1) Has he found the cause, or causes of your pain? (2) Can he help you? (3) What is your recommended treatmet plan required to stabilise the cause of your symptoms. With your “informed consent” he will then commence correcting your spinal health problems immediately using time proven Chiropractic main stream techniques.

Reassesments are Made at Regular Intervals: How can we asses your real progress? Measurements are taken to asses your progress using AK (applied kinesiology / muscle testing), and our specialist computerised spinal range of motion, comparative study to the first test at initial visit. Of course you are asked “how do you feel?” You are always the center of our attnetion.

Therapeutic Massage Supports all Biology and Spinal Adjustments: Some patients time their adjustments to immediately follow Mari’s theraputic massage using topical magnesium oils. If you are “sick and tired of feeling sick and tired” then call Noosa Life Chiropractic and Massage today, and let us see how we can help you feel better and be better – 0409 570246


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