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Are you a back pain or headache sufferer, the this could be the answer?

Modern day Chiropractic has helped millions of sufferers of back pain and headaches all over the World since 1895. Noosa Life Chiropractic and Remedial massage have 2 specialist Doctors of Chiropractic and a professional Remedial massage Therapist on staff to help you, your family and friends get short and long term relief from your suffering. Drs Matt and Richard (Chiropractors) have a wealth of experience in diagnosing what is possibly causing your pain and suffering, and using gentle traditional Chiropractic Spinal adjusting techniques along with soft tissue work they and Angela (Remedial Massage) can provide can help most people feel and get better.

Go to our web page and face book site for Noosa Life Chiropractic and see the reviews for yourself. No reviews are solicited, and overall we are rated 5 stars indicating patient satisfaction levels. Our staff of 5 are all seniors with many years of experience and understanding when it comes to your pain and what can be done to relive it and bring you back to health and wellness.

This month we are offering a free spinal screening to any prospective new patient on our brand new computerised Spinal range of Motion soft ware package. Simply call Nancy or Debbie at reception and ask for details. We will scan your spinal range of motion and give you a print out report for you to take with you. Matt and Richard will answer your question and indeed give you their professional opinion whether they can help you feel better with less pain and any other questions you may have, completely free and without obligation.

To book an appointment as a new patient or for a free spinal screening simply phone 0409 570246 today. Your journey back to health takes the first. step

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