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“All Health and Well Being Starts at The Spine”

The architectural masterpiece of the Creator is surely our spines. They support, protect, and house our spinal cord. Yet they can flex, extend, side bend and stretch. The spinal cord in some philosophies is referred to as “the river of life”, and we concur if it is damaged, bruised or pinched there are serious ramifications from quadriplegia paraplegia, partial paralysis of an arm or leg, numbness, pain, organ breakdown leading to sickness and death.

Is there a recognised alternative to drugs and surgery to treat spinal related symptoms? The answer is a resounding “Yes”! For thousands of years throughout many world cultures spinal manipulation has been practiced. As late as 1895 the approach was rediscovered and applied with great success by Daniel David Palmer. Coincidentally the same year that William Conrad Roentgen discovered x’ray, which would play a big part in the diagnosis of spinal conditions. Palmer called his new science  “Chiropractic”, from 2 Greek roots “Chiro” and “Practos”, meaning done by hands.

Today tens of thousands of Chiropractors World wide deliver millions of treatments daily with obvious success. We are now called Doctors of Chiropractic, and have insurance privileges, registration and are under the direction of an Act of Parliament  administered by AHPRA and a Chiropractor’s Board. We have come a long way in just over a hundred years, and do you know why? It’s because our patients demanded we be registered and recognised, and respected. They were achieving help for their otherwise untreatable pain and sickness, naturally without pills, potions, elixirs and surgery.

Think of your spine as the river bed in which flows “the river of life”, and the nerves as the tributaries from the river. Any blockages will result in altered physiology in one form or another, and my job as your Chiropractor along with our massage therapist, is to locate and release these blockages freeing you from pain and restoring healthy function. Our slogan is “Chiropractic today for a better World tomorrow”. Call us today 0409 570246 for your spinal check up

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