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Be Healthy - It's Largely In your Hands:

If It’s To Be, It’s Up To Me:

Everyone is hand sanitising, social distancing, and some are wearing masks in order to avoid Corona 19 virus. All are waiting anxiously for “the vacine”, but what are the people doing to promote their own well being and natural immunity? Chances are, very little! Levels of health and immunity can be scientifically and naturally increased, and not with all the reactive recommendations from the Chief Medical Officers of the State Governments. At the best their recommendations are avoidance therapy only.

Experiment I Have Been Running In My Practice:

As an experiment I am asking all my patients the following 2 questions: (1) “How many people do you know directly or indirectly who have contracted and died of the Corona 19 virus?” The standard answer so far is, “None”. (2) Then I am asking a second question, “how many people do you know directly or indirectly who have committed suicide?” You may be surprised to hear that so far everyone I have asked the second question typically reply three or four or more! For death by suicide there are at least 10 or more family members or loved ones who are seriously directly impacted by the suicide. Corona has a 97.6% recovery rate. Most people need to be tested to even know they have the virus, and in firmed and elderly are the victims, as with any other virus. You may well ask then what is all the hysteria all about?

Real Health is Directly Related to Life Style:

Science tells us that there are two principle systems that control and coordinate all the functions of the body including 90% of the immune system. Those two systems are, (1) The Central Nervous System, which controls and coordinates all the functions of the body (Grey’s Anatomy), and (2) The Enteric Nervous System which is controlled by the gut biome, the balance of gut bacteria (Guyton’s Physiology). The promotion of these systems rely entirely on day to day life style. Nutrition, Exercise, Rest and Relaxation and Good Sleep, Good Mental Attitude, and a healthy flexible spinal column with the CNS free of interference. All of these things are dependant on Life Style Naturally.

Chiropractic Spinal Health:

Using specific adjusting techniques Chiropractors free spinal segments keeping the CNS open and free of interference. We also teach health is an inside out job and involves Life Style and all things Natural. Call us and see how we can help you 0409 570246 Or book directly online

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