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Best Massage on the Coast, Visitors Welcomed:

Best Massage on The Sunshine Coast: That’s what a lot of Mari’s clients are saying about her. Therapeutic Massage is a skill and may need two or three techniques to get the job done. For example in a one hour session Mari may start with Remedial Massage, and move to Percusion Therapy, and even Dry Cupping. All tissues are not the same and she will diagnose what your needs are and with your informed consent proceed.

Point of Difference? For a start Mari talks funny. She is from Brazil and is a lovely caring person, who is very skilled in the art of therapeutic Massage. Debbie and Richard, practice owners, get regular massages with Mari. “She is the best”, says Richard.

Holidaying in Noosa, Get a Massage with Mari: Noosa has tons of massage therapists, all claiming to be amazing. Mari works at Noosa Life Chiropractic and often Chiropractic patients will get a massage before their adjustments. Other clients get regular fortnightly massages with a standing appointment.

“Do Yourself A Favour”: You will become one of Mari’s massage fans once you have experienced her skills. Call 0409 570246 or book online direct from this web site. See you soon…..

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