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"Best Theraputic Massage I haave Ever Had"

“Best Theraputic Massage I have Ever Had”: Said one of Mari’s clients on Saturday morning after his hour long massage. Many of her clients have a standing appointment for fortnightly massage, while others like a half hour massage before they get their Chiropractic adjustments.

Mari will ask you what do you want from your massage: She then will ask you to prepare yourself, strip down to undies and let her know when you are ready. She has 6 or 7 techniques from Remedial deep tissue to dry cupping and percussion therapy massage. She will design your massage according to your needs. Talk or don’t talk it’s up to you. Some folks like to “bliss out” others love to chat, again Mari is sensitive to your needs.

Personal recommendation from Dr Singer: “I have had several massage therapists work for me in my Chiropractic Practice over 47 years, and beyond any shadow of a doubt she is the best”. Dr Singer is one of her clients who has a standing fortnightly appoinment for Remedial Massage.

How Do I Book An Appointment? By phone 0409 570246 or the high tech way by going directly online and do it yourself choosing the day and appointment time at We welcome visitors and locals alike and guarantee you will love her massages.


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