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Build Your Own Immunities - be Proactive and Not Reactive:

“Great Health is an inside job”. The body has its own immune system, when working properly it is stimulated by viruses and other antigens, and creates antibodies against the antigens to protect and strengthen itself. Throughout history from the Black Plague, The Spanish Flu that killed millions world wide, to all the mutations of the Corona Virus, the three things that always worked were, “Health, Hygiene and Sanitation”.

Health, Hygiene and Sanitisation: Can we proactively get healthier? Of course we can! Hippocrates said, “Let thy food be thy medicine”. Eat non processed natural foods, exercise daily, sleep 8 hours a night, drink plenty of water, Sunlight, Spinal adjustments to free up your nervous system, and above all keep a good mental attitude. Hygiene – wash hands, clean surfaces, and keep a clean environment, Sanitation – sweep floors, clean carpets, get rid of dust and mould.

Common Sense and all the Time: Please notice these are common sense things that we all should be doing anyway, virus or no virus. We can strengthen our own immune systems by being healthy, and we can be healthy with some common sense principles.

Health Maintenance is the answer: All health begins at the spine and the nervous system, and of course the gut bacteria. Call us today and we will show you how to strengthen your immune system Naturally –  0409 570246 or book an appointment direct online at

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