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Bye Bye Corona Virus:

The Covert 19, Corona virus has almost run it’s course in Australia:

All viruses  behave in one of 3 ways, (1) they contaminate the next person, (2) they mutate into another form E;G; Sars was Covert 12 (Corona) virus, or (3) they run their course and burn out. Australians have kept “social distancing”, and “self isolation” and observed strict “hygiene standards” effectively diminishing the virus’ ability to contaminate the next person.

Ask yourself, where are the killer viruses of yesterday?

The Spanish flu (killed 13 million) , Sars virus (Covert 12), Mers Virus, Swine flu Virus and so on, where are they now? The answer is, they ran their course and as “Herd Immunity” (that’s us), caught up and became stronger than the virus’s incidence of contamination, simply burnt themselves out and disappeared into history along with the list of all the killer viruses of the past. The same will happen with this present virus very shortly in Australia.

What else can we do to effectively protect ourselves? 

In the mean time along with the other precautions we are taking as a nation daily that are working, there are some real things that you can do on a more individual basis. Our bodies are under the control of two specific systems, (1) the central nervous system – brain and spinal cord, and (2) the enteric nervous system, or gut biome (bacteria). How can we ensure optimum function of theses two master control systems? (1) Actively get your Chiropractic spinal adjustments to ensure you have the least amount of blockages in your spinal system, and (2) eat a portion of fermented foods each day (good gut bacteria) and plenty of fresh vegetables and some fruits and stay away from processed foods, and drink plenty of water.

Hang in, continue to be dilligent it’s almost over: 

Have an exceptional day and remember we have had time to pause, rewind and press our “reset” buttons. We will all come out better people as a result of the present trials we have endured and will shortly put behind us. Our Massage therapist Mari under the prsent conditions can not do her work, however as a Chiropractic doctor I am in full swing  taking care of our patients and friends. Call us 0409 570246 or go on line http// and book your own appointment.


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