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Calm Minds Bring Inner Health and Self Confidence:

Many People Today are Suffering From Anxiety, and Depression: The media thrives on sensationalism and hysteria, as do the campaigning politicians, and right now they are all having a field day. On every Chanel very 15 minutes there is another Covert 19 Story of doom and gloom and pending destruction. The science behind a virus says we will survive, and we will be stronger and more resilient than ever before. Say to yourself, ‘it is what it is”, take sensible precautions as you would with the flu virus. The sky is not falling and it will be over soon.

Safe Guarding Your Mind From the Damaging Effect of Hysteria and Fear: People with troubled minds traditionally look on the outside and find fault with any and everything, when the problem is really within. Your mind perceives your reality and enacts the play accordingly. 

How to Control Your Mind’s Perception and Create Your Reality? “Calm minds bring inner strength and self confidence.” How to calm your mind? Great question, and one difficult to answer. The GP will advise a mild tranquilliser, and perhaps a referral to a psychologist or even a psychiatrist, and sometimes this is necessary. 

Mental Health Damage From Covert 19: The present hysterical climate of the Covert 19 virus is not helping. Say to yourself, “it is what it is, and this too will pass”. The planet has survived much worse things, and it will survive this as well. Examine media reports and understand that the majority of deaths occurred in already stricken people. E.G. “Man 96 years old dies from Covert 19″. They forgot to say his organs were fragile and in the process of shutting down. He could just as well died of pneumonia, “The old man’s friend”as it is referred to in pathology books.

What Can I Do Right Now? Perhaps it is necessary to turn off the TV and stop watching the hysterical media reports? Turn on some soothing music, and perhaps a mild tranquilliser is necessary to help you cope, but sooner or later you will need to take charge over your mind. Techniques like deep breathing, sound sleep, a change of environments is useful as a temporary distraction, and even meditation. Sometimes an upper neck adjustment will help. Give us a call 0409 570246 or go online and make an appointment http//

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