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Chiropractic Care Options:

Dr Richard Singer recognises some people are looking for a more permanent health care approach,   “I want to function at my optimal best”, and some merely want just temporary relief, “Just get rid of the pain and I will be happy”. The second option is chosen out of economic necessity most times, and the first option adds to the things we do to manage our health on an ongoing wellness basis. Dr Richard Singer says, “Either way I am here to help, that is my purpose in my professional life”.

Health care perception, over the years has become distorted where now we call any manner of therapies, and modalities “health care”. When life saving drugs are given, when surgical intervention cuts some diseased part from our body, or when we take opiates to reduce our pain levels, we bundle all this together and call it “health care”.  Research and development in drug therapy is often funded by Pharmaceutical Companies so they can manufacture drugs to sell on the profitable “health care” market. We call any and everything today “health care”. Researchers (sometimes funded by pharmaceutical companies) publish their papers in pretigious journals after they have been pier reviewed, and we accept their words as “evidenced based”, as the gospel of modern medicine. Please consider this modern trend we are experiencing the “industrialisation of health care”.  When the pharmaceutical companies fund the research, we recognise this as “bias”, and ask the question “does the drug manufacturer have a vested interest in their own research and development outcomes?” Or to be entirely vulgar re word the question and ask, “are the crooks in charge of the bank, in those cases?”

Here is a model for your consideration: When you actively combine elements of nutrition, exercise, good mental attitude, rest and relaxation together in your life style, we call that “wellness care”. One reason we have coined that phrase is because “health care” has been hijacked by those who practice disease care, crisis therapy, first aid and other interventive life saving proceedures and modalities. Vested interest has feathered it’s own nest, and has created an industry they call “health care”.

Please don’t misunderstand me. I am totally for medicine in it’s rightful role as crisis therapy etc. A day to day life style of nutrition, exercise, rest and relaxation and good mental attitude, in combination with other modalities like Chiropractic spinal health care, constitutes an accumulated lasting wellness and vitality outcome to any body. Remove interference from the body, toxins, stress, destructive thoughts,  and other toxic physical, mental and chemical impurities from your day to day lives. To realise one’s purpose in life brings happiness, and “happiness is the purpose of life”. The cause of all human suffering according to several spiritual masters is in one word “attachment”.  Surrender to Nature and accept change, living in the moment in harmony with Nature in all we do, physical, mental and spiritual, will bring a rich life of wellness and happiness. Love, peace and above all happiness from me to you.


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