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Chiropractic is a Philosophy Supporting a Life Style of Health, Naturally: As a Doctor of Chiropractic I teach and live a life style supporting all things Natural. Health is an inside job that encompasses Nutrition, Exercise, Rest and Relaxation, Good Mental Attitude, and we recognise the natural ability of the body to heal itself, when it is working optimally.

Chiropractors Teach Health Care and Sickness Care are Not the Same Thing: A few weeks ago I collapsed at my practice and was transported to hospital where I underwent emergency surgery for a life threatening condition called pyelonephritis which involves a septic kidney and accompanying stones. The team of medical specialists literally saved my life. I had 4 surgeries in 16 days and the nursing staff were nothing short of amazing. That’s the role of medicine, to save lives with their drugs and surgery and other experts. I made friendships and gained the uttermost respect for all the hospital staff. Allopathic medicine is the science and art of saving lives by intervening with drugs and surgery, however every day health care requires a life style change.

Hippocrates and Health Care: The first recorded medical college under the direction of “the father of modern medicine”, Hippocrates in 500 BC, taught health comes from above down inside out. It depends upon your body chemistry being balanced, your spine in correct alignment, your muscles and all tissues being toned, and a mind being constantly exercised and developed daily. Hippocrates said in his writings, “Let thy food be thy medicine”, and “look well to the spine for the cause of dis-ease”. He differentiated between health care and interventive sickness care being two seperate yet equally necessary sciences.  In short he taught wellness is an inside out job and under the influence of Life Style.

Chiropractic Philosophy Recognises Hippocrates Teaching: As a Doctor of Chiropractic I teach people about life style modification. “As you reap, so shall you sew”. Nature has determined irrevocable laws which determine health and sickness. Eat, drink, exercise, spinal flexibility and alignment, good sleep, and a good mental attitude are all factors that will determine your health and well being. Keep the laws as a permanent life style and live with an attitude of gratitude and self determination and health is the natural consequence.

Health Begins at the Spine: The brain is the master control organ and the spinal cord is the body’s life line to all the parts, organs, muscles and glands of this wonderful body. It must be free of interference if it is to work properly, all the time.That’s my lasting purpose in life is to promote self reliance in Heath Care Naturally. All health comes from within.

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