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Chiropractic Today For a Better World Tomorrow:

GP and Specialists are Essential to Society:

Recently I spent a few days in hospital where I appreciated the great nursing care I received. My nurses were a dedicated team of professionals doing an amazing job and obviously enjoying their work. They often work under strenuous circumstances and occasionally are faced with some pretty awful things that you and I should never see. Amidst all this they attended to their patients with the greatest of care and caring. The GP who referred me to surgery is sincere and knowledgable and patient with me when bombarded with may questions. From anaesthetist to surgeon all did their job expertly, efficiently and gave me a good outcome. All of the above providers work in the area we call “health care”, however in reality their level of care is “disease care”. They save lives, repair your broken parts and relieve symptoms.

Chiropractors and Physiotherapists are Essential to Society:

The arena of health care should not be a competitive one, “We are better than them” attitude. Each modality from surgery to Chiropractic has its own important task and each is worthy of that task. Physiotherapists largely treat strains, sprains and do soft tissue rehabilitation. Chiropractor’s deal with spinal and aligned health issues. All modalities require an accurate diagnosis and that’s your GPs role, and where necessary a referral on to the appropriate provider for treatment. In my practice if you need a physiotherapist I will direct you to one, just as I may direct you to a dentist for a tooth extraction.

Scope of Practice Defined:

Defined scope of practice in some parts of the world makes it easier to select the right practitioner for your problems. In Australia scope of practice is not clearly defined among some modalities and we find professions overlapping each other and causing confusion in the public’s mind. E.G. We have GPs practicing acupuncture when they are not acupuncturists and indeed bulk bill acupuncture as an “extended visit” to Medicare. We have Chiropractors doing physical therapy and so on. This is a matter for the Health Regulatory Body to sort out, however don’t hold your breath.

Chiropractic is a Clearly Defined Modality:

At our practice we use a more traditional approach to Chiropractic. First we make a clinical diagnosis using tools such as Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing), Nerve Tracing, Motion Palpation, and Spinal X Ray where needed. Having found points of causation in the spine we then seek your informed consent in a report of findings where we inform you, have we found the cause of your problems, can we help you relieve the symptoms, and we map out a plan to return you to health, and gain your consent before proceeding with specific care. We support the philosophy that the word “chiropractic” indicates, “done by hand”. Two Greek roots Chiro, and Practos. The only modality we use are our hands.

48 Years of Chiropractic Experience:

Dr Richard J Singer is an American graduate with almost half a century of experience as a Chiropractic Doctor. He has practiced in 3 countries, USA, Uk and Australia. The last 28 years he has practiced in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast. See our web site for the most number of 5 star reviews of any other on the Sunny Coast. The greater majority of our referrals are from satisfied patients, word of mouth referrals. “I hope the above text has given you, the public better clarity when choosing the profession for your immediate needs, and if we can help, give us a call or book on line from the banner on our home page”.


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