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Constant Shoulder Pain?

You Don’t Have to Put Up with Shoulder Pain:

Often I see a new patient and they tell me they have been “putting up with shoulder pain for a long time”. I ask why? Here is some good news, most shoulder pain like all other pain is merely a reflection of a deeper problem and can be fixed. The trick is to get a proper diagnosis before mapping out treatment options.

First Get A Differential Diagnosis:

What I am about to say goes for pretty near all pain and symptoms. Recognise pain as the fire alarm going off to inform you of something going wrong. E.G. If your house was on fire would you treat the annoyance of the noise by throwing buckets of water on the fire alarm? Of course that sounds silly, however most pain is simply treated medically with pills potions and elixirs rather than differentially diagnosing the actual cause of the pain.

“I Have Tried Everything, and Nothing Has Worked”:

I have had cases where the sufferer of shoulder pain has been directed straight to a physical therapist for muscle rehabilitation, and 6 weeks later they are still in pain. In our practice I use a barrage of shoulder provocation tests, then get a diagnostic ultra sound and shoulder x ray done. In rare cases that will involve surgical intervention an MRI is ordered. The ultra sound illustrates the integrity of the soft tissue, muscles and ligaments and bursal integrity, while the x ray the more bony structures, spurs and calcium accumulation. A differential diagnosis is established and then treatment options are discussed.

Non Invasive Treatment is a Desirable Option:

Many year ago I recall a patient in my Yandina Practice who had suffered with intense and debilitating shoulder pain for several months. After the usual provocation tests I was convinced his problem was located in the lower cervical spine. He insisted it was in the shoulder itself, and I agreed to manipulate the shoulder itself. I warned him “this will hurt”..He assured me he didn’t care and gave consent to treatment. I proceeded to do a shoulder manipulation. There was a loud crack and he yelled out in agony! Some 20 minutes later he returned to my office and insisted to see me. “Look what I can do” he exclaimed as he raised the arm above his head and moved it through all range of motion. “I told you it was in the shoulder”, and he was right.

The Key to a Successful Outcome is in The Diagnosis:

All new patients seeking my care are put through a rigour of case history questions, thorough diagnosis including applied kinesiology muscle testing regimes, and other tools such as ultra sound and other imaging. I try to establish a reason why there is pain, then using informed consent discuss the tretment options with the patient, and mutually agree on a course of treatment with set goals and checks in place.

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