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When asked “what is Chiropractic Good for?” – This is the typical answer from a non Chiropractic patient. The public’s perception of us is often the first stepping stone to a health filled life style.

I remember Martin, a professional gun smith in the USA. Martin came in “I got me a crick in my back Doc”! He was doubled up in pain and had to avoid sitting. I sorted his “crick” out in a couple of visits, and went on to give him the normal corrective care adjustments. After a couple of weeks Martin asked, “Doc is it possible you may have fixed my bleeding hemarhoids?” It turned out Martin had suffered from this uncomfortable complaint for several years, and in the initial consultation he hadn’t thought it had anything to do with his “crick”. I explained to him how his disk had been herniated when he first sought my help, and the nerves exiting his spine had been released and the nerve supply to the peri anal area were released, and his body healed his hemarhoids.

Martin was for ever greatful. It was Christmas time and one freezing cold morning I discovered a living Christmas tree on the front porch. The next morning a cord of wood had been mysteriously tipped on the front lawn. Martin explained he wanted to give me my own rifle, however as I was not a US citizen that was impossible. “I will be driving by your office in the back lane at 3 o’clock this afternoon and if a rifle falls off my truck  well I can’t help that, can I Doc?” Martin was the son of the local vetanerian and the story spread all over Carol County Missouri, and new patients arrived from all over the county. “Old Martin told me how you fixed his crick in his back Doc, so here I am!”

Of all the new people seeking our care just 17% come from the internet, the rest are word of mouth referrals from happy patients. The best referrals are the personal “word of mouth” ones. Generally the referee has said lots of good things about their care. 41 years later here I am still enjoying my work and having a ball, thanks to you, and you, and you. Meta, Happiness.



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