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Does Spirit or Life, Have Mass?

Great question: In laboratory studies done throughout the world attempts have been made to answer this question, “does spirit have mass?”

In many studies the living body was observed and its mass (weight) measured on the most accurate scientific scales and observed closely. In all cases it was observed that at the instant of death the weight of the body decreased measurably. Once and for all it has been proven by acceptable science that “spirit”, another word for spirit is Life. does indeed have discernible mass. How is it then that we can not see spirit, at least most of us? In a physics class in university it was explained like this. Spirit can be defined as refined matter. When we are driving a car we are observing lumps of matter on the road in the form of other cars, pedestrians, the road, however we are looking through a medium of “refined matter”, the windscreen of our car.  Do we see the windscreen? Not if it is clean, we don’t. Is it non the less there? Yes it is. Similarly Life is refined Matter that most of us can not observe with our eyes that are attuned to only coarse matter. Similarly an electron microscope allows us to see atomic and even sub atomic particles that otherwise are invisible to the naked eye.

Often a patient will remark, “doc’ after my adjustment I feel taller, is that possible?” The answer is a resounding, Yes! When vertebrae are adjusted the disk is literally pumped and fills with fluid from the end plates of the vertebral bodies and they subsequently enlarge making us measurably taller. Interesting facts. Things aren’t always what they appear to be on the surface. Life (the spirit) has mass and therefore it does not simply vanish. Einstein in his theory of relativity reported, “matter is neither created nor destroyed. It merely changes form from one form or another, or from one form to the other”. So there you are you agnostics. We don’t need to have a theological discussion, it is what it is!

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