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Facts About Chiropractic:

Chiropractic boosts your immune system:                                                 

The master organ of the body is the brain. It controls and coordinates every other organ, gland muscle and structures of the body, and according to Greys Anatomy, “Relates the individual to their environment.” Wether environmental stresses come in the form of a virus, bacteria, or any other “dreadmocus”, the brain’s job is to adapt around the invader by changing body chemistry and physiology. For example the brain may intentionally raise the body temperature to eliminate certain bacteria, so we get a fever. The brain may purge the body with throwing up or diarrhoea to get rid of ingested toxicity, like alcohol or food poisoning. When I, as your Chiropractic Doctor adjust your spine I am clearing interference from the brain and spinal cord enhancing the communication network of the nervous system so the brain can speak to all the cells of the body better.

Affects the Autonomic Nervous System:

Certain vital functions of the body work automatically with out predetermined thought. The heart is on such organ, the lungs another and so on. We don’t have to think about creating new body cells, that is an automatic or autonomic response that the body does 24 hours a day and during those unconscious moments called sleep. The autonomic nervous system controls and coordinates these responses as well, but on a super conscious level, and Chiropractic adjustments to remove blockages to the communication network from the brain to the body helps.                                               

Improves Balance and Posture and Joint Mobility:

The spine has many functions among which are: (1) it houses and protects your spinal cord, (2) It supports the appendicular skeleton, (3) It gives form and grace to the body, (3) allows us to flex stretch and move freely. If spinal joints are osteoarthritic, stuck, frozen or degenerated these functions break down and we experience poor posture, balance, limited joint mobility and disturbed function in all our organs, glands and muscles. This manifests as pain in various parts of the spine and we rush off to the Chiropractor for pain relief. Pain is the end result of neglecting spinal health and not the cause. I teach my patients that periodic and regular spinal adjustments correct spinal and health problems before they accumulate into a degenerative state.

Improves Neurotransmitters:

Messages in the way of neurotransmissions are continuously flashing back and forth from the brain to all parts and individual cells of the body. Some messages go from the brain to, let’s say your big toe, and the big toe reports back to the brain, “I hurt” or “everything OK here”. These messages travel along nerve pathways housed in the spinal canal (spinal cord), and peripherally through muscle sheaths. Their transmission can be interfered with along the way, resulting in pain, and ultimate sickness and dis ease. Between your Chiropractic Doctor and your Massage Therapist we locate interference in the spine or soft tissue and using special techniques we release the blockages before they become chronic and debilitating. Chiropractic and massage can help everyone, and should be a part of a healthy lifestyle Naturally. Call us or book online today 0409b 570246


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