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Feel Like You're Carrying A Burden on Your Back?

Pain and Sickness Will Get You Down: Tired you to the point of exhaustion. How many times have you heard, “I am sick and tired, of feeling sick and tired”. What you need is a measure of real “health care”.

Health does not come in bottles, pills, potions and elixirs. Health comes from the elements that you subject your body to in the form of nutrients, exercise, rest and relaxation, and a good mental attitude. All these elements are obtainable and sustainable free from our environment and our life style, however there is one consideration missing in this self help formula.

The flow of life energy through the nervous system converts the previously suggested elements into living healthy muscle and organ tissue, blood and lymph, and all the vital parts of our bodies. E.G. the Big Mac you so eagerly devoured at lunch today in a matter of hours is broken down by mastication (chewing), and mixed with saliva enzymes, and the body will then filter the chemical elements into particles that the gastrointestinal system will absorb, and so the process of cell creation and biology continues. New living cells clump together to make living tissue, heart, lungs, liver, brain and all the body parts are renewed continuously from within. For all this to happen the brain needs be in communication with all the body parts and it does this through the nervous system which is housed inside the spine. Spinal bones over a life time of stress slightly dislocate causing disks to distort and interfere with these nerves and the communication between the brain and the body parts is disrupted.

Chiropractic recognises that a life time of lifting strains, accidents, and general postural and mental stresses all contribute to spinal subluxations (small vertebral dislocations). We are the experts in detecting and correcting theses blockages using spinal adjustments to free the blockage and allow the free flow of Life to restore health and vitality.

If you are “sick and tired of feeling sick and tired”, call us today and let’s find those spinal points of interference and release the flow of life healing energy naturally without drugs or surgery. What have you got to loose, other than your pain and discomfort? Call us now and make your appointment 0409 570 246…

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