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Fortify Yourself Against Illness:

Reactive Health Care:

The modern day tradition of health care waits till sickness or dis ease manifest as pain or illness, and then reacts by treating the symptom as an entity within itself. E.G. If you were to say to your GP, “I have a sore throat”, their expert diagnosis would be “laryngitis”, which by the way is latin for “sore throat”. They would then turn to their computer and their printer would provide a script for an anti biotic, and yes it will fix the symptom. You are cured? Science today recognises the danger of wide spread antibiotic therapy as being dangerous and harmful. The problem seems the antibiotic pill has no intelligence. It does not realise that it is only to work on the bacteria involved with the “sore throat”, it simply wipes out all bacteria it comes in contact with, including the necessary bacteria within the gut.

Proactive Health Care:

Is done proactively every day and addresses strengthening the internal environment. First thing to do is to recognise the body’s potential to heal itself, providing there is no interference to normal function. Now let’s consider what controls and coordinates all the normal functions of the body? There are two particular systems that if nurtured control and coordinate all the functions of the body including the immune system.

The Two Major Control Systems Determining Health:

(1) The Central Nervous System is the brain and spinal cord. Its job is to connect the brain cells with all other cells throughout the body. Within this system there are nerves bringing life giving impulses from the brain to the body controlling and coordinating motor function (muscles), visceral function (organs), and sensory function or feed back to the brain. (2) The Enteric Nervous System is under the response of the balance of gut bacteria called the biome.

How Can You Support The Controlling Systems?

True health care is an inside out job where both these controlling systems are consciously supported. I hear you say, “Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition!” Yes, eating the proper diet will promote bacterial growth and a healthy gut, but what about the Central Nervous System?

Chiropractic Spinal Health Care:

We all know the brain is the only organ encased in hard none, as a matter of fact 18 pieces of hard bone known simply as the cranial bones. We also know the spinal cord is housed in a flexible bony conduit of 24 segments called vertebrae. The traditions of Chiropractic recognise any of theses segments can become misaligned and can interfere with the nervous systems normal function. The traditions of Chiropractic diagnose where areas of nerve interference are located and using their hands the Chiropractor frees those areas and returns the spine and cranial bones to normal healthy function.

Proactively Treat Health, Don’t Waite For Sickness:

True health I have said is “an inside job”. It can be proactively supported by eating well, includes fermented foods, vegetables, nuts and fruits, and clean water. Buid your gut biome with lots of healthy bacteria (probiotics), and foods that will feed the bacteria (probiotics). Get regular spinal and cranial adjustments from an expert Chiropractor to free your nervous system from interference allowing the brain toconnect freely with all body parts and cells.

It’s Never Too Late:

In our Chiropractic office we will advise you on all aspects of true health care naturally. Call us and start back on the road to allowing your body to function optimally. After all that is what health really is, and inside job!



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