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Going Beyond Your Surface Symptoms"

There is Always a Cause to Every Symptom: Remember, “The curse (symptom), causeless (without a cause) shall not come”. Sometimes there are many causes that manifest in many symptoms. The key is to diagnose what is causing the symptom or symptoms and recognise and set about correcting it, “The cause”.

Greys Anatomy Says: “The Centeral Nervous System Controls and Coordinates All The Functions of the Body, and Relates the Individual to Their Environment”. In other words Intelligent energy from the brain speaks to every body part and tells it how and what to do, and when to do it. If the telephone cables (the nerves) are interfered with then the correct messages may not get through and could be reduced, amplified or changed, so that the body feels pain, sickness and poor health. We recognise this fact in accident victims who are rendered para’ or quadriplegic , but smaller dislocations in the spine (subluxations) go largely un noticed.

Spinal Maipulative Therapy Throughout History: Spinal Manipulative therapy has been around for thousands of years in many different forms and with many different labelsYour Chiropractic Doctor is best equipped to diagnose and correct nerve interference and subluxations, lessening the symptoms and allowing the resumption of nerve flow to promote the body’s own healing ability from within. Remember true and natural health care comes from within. Its an inside job.

True Health is an Inside Job: This wonderful body created itself in just 268 days, and your entire life it continues to replace itself with new cells, which replace the warn out old parts. If the body has the innate wisdom to creat itself than don’t you suppose it knows how to heal itself?? The answer is, if it is free of interference and working properly it does. A part of removing interference so it can work properly is the business of the Chiropractor. I diagnose spinal interference and using time honoured hands on techniques I gently re align, adjust it back to full function and health

The most experienced Chiropractic Doctor: With just under a half century Dr Richard Singer has a life time of experience and knowledge pertaining to the spine and other conditions effecting your health and wellness. He will firstly diagnose what is causing your problems and then give you a full explanation showing you your spinal images (X Rays), and recommend a plan to correct the problem areas and restore you to optimal function.

Like an Iceberg, the Biggest Part of The Problem Lies Under the Water and Out of View: Pain is an obvious symptom, but what about the cause of the pain? That is a much bigger problem and lies undetected sometimes for years and sometimes forever, resulting in your spine degenerating and the cause further more permanent damage. Call Dr Singer and he will exmine you and give you a report on what could be causing your symptoms, the bigger part under the surface.

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