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Happiness and Health are Synonymous to Well Being:

“Well Being” requires an all encompassing Life Style, where we consider our all our life dimensions. Our physical, mental, spiritual and mental health all in one. Some folks, when it comes to their health are caffeteria shoppers. They walk up to the banquet table of their life and pick and choose, leaving some behind and embracing others. Some believe health can be purchased form the “health shop”. They are convinced that their vitamins and supplements will ensure them a long and naturally healthy life.

This body of ours is a living intelligent organism comprising some 50 trillion specialised cells working harmoniously 24 hours a day, 356 days a year. Right now organs are creating their own new cells while old ones die off. Science tells us that every 60 days we have a new heart, 90 days a new liver, 120 days new blood cells, and so on. In fact every 7 years the entire body has replaced all the organs, with one notable exception. Your master organ, your brain. Show me a pill that can replace living cells… Dead pills do not create life any more than darkness creates light. Like it or not Life is Intelligent energy, and it purposefully creates, runs and heals the body.

Well Being and the elements that support Life are (1) Nutrition, (2) exercise, (3) rest and relaxation, (4) a good mental attitude and (5) a flexible spinal system free from mal aligned bones interfering with the nervous system.

Let’s be more specific and here are some suggestions to support your life: (1) Eat whole foods, non refined, but fresh, organic and wholesome. Food should alway include fermented foods rich in probiotics and life. (2) Exercise: Have you ever heard a string instrument where the strings have not been tensioned and tuned? Sounds sick, dose it not? Vibratory frequency in all living things should be toned and tuned. (3) Rest and Relaxation: The mind can be your worst enemy or tamed it can create magic in our lives. A wild mind creates agitation and unhappiness, a tamed mind creates peace and harmony. How to tame the mind? Meditation, music, and calm loving people. (4) I read somewhere: “as a man thinkers in his heart, so is he”. Then if we could control, and calm our noisey mind perhaps we could choose what we think. Here is a technique that will help. Practice being in the moment, “present time consciousness”. Ekhard Tolley in his book the Power Of Now says, the past is only an unreliable figment of your imagination filtered through unreliable filters like memory, and prejudice. The future is no more than a wish list and is entirely unpredictable, however the moment, “the now” is your reality and precious. (5) Chiropractic spinal care: Tens of thousands of Chiropractors all over the planet are freeing jammed spines through gentle and natural spinal adjustment.

Wellness encompasses all Nature’s rules: Spinal adjustments, living and fermented foods, exercise, rest and meditation, and a good calm and tamed mind. All elements of a living organism are tied together to promote a living adapting and functioning organism. YOU . Wasn’t it the great and late Zig Ziggler who said, “if it’s to be, it’s up to me”? Call us and see how we can help you feel better, and live a health filled life today.


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