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Happiness and Healthiness:

“The purpose of Life is Happiness”, say all the great mystiques of our time. Can one achieve this ideal and most desirable state of “happiness” if one is ill and suffering? Health and happiness go hand in glove and if this is our quest during this life time, then it require our complete attention.

Life is a journey starting in innocence, going through early years of developmental pain, into our reproductive years, and then comes experiential wisdom, learning and growing in understanding. One could say, in a crude sense slowly we become enlightened into the purpose and meaning of our lives. We blend into and surrender to Nature’s Laws, getting our ego minds out of the way and learning how the Universe enriches our lives when we keep the simple rules of health. For example as adolescence we thought smoking would be a good idea, along with drinking and eating to excess. After a while we come to realise that there are hurtful consequences to taking Natural Law into our own hands, and nearly all smokers quit sooner or later, we start dieting, and abstaining from drugs and alcohol. The natural consequences, we find are good and our health and wellbeing improve as does our feelings of happiness and contentment. Goodness, health can become addictive!

Five Natural Keys to Health  are, (1) A freely moving spine with a free flowing uninterrupted nervous system. That’s why health conscious people attend their Chiropractor regularly. (2) Nutrition to compliment and replenish gut bacteria, add vitamins and minerals and good oils to our systems. (3) Exercise and movement stretching our soft tissue, strengthening our muscles and ligaments and assisting our body fluids (lymphatics) to flow freely. (4) Rest and Relaxation, “the rule of 8″. Eight hours work, eight hours of sleep, and eight hours of relaxation makes for a well balanced day. (5) A good mental attitude, derived by meditation, contemplation and mindfulness. These 5 keys are universally recognised as Nature’s Laws and the basic requirements for a healthy and happy Life.

Chiropractic is Health Care, and not sickness or disease care. The Chiropractic doctor is a teacher as well as an expert in restoring spinal and cranial bone movement to release the body’s innate ability to heal itself naturally. We are entirely different to main stream medicine (allopathy), because we are “vitalistic” doctors teaching and practicing non invasive, non intervention and natural principles as I have outlined above. That’s why we say let health become an every day life style, and not something you do after all else fails.


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