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Happy Christmas and New Year:

Santa Needs Chiropractic after Christmas: Our practice is open over the Holidays except for the traditional public hols’, for Noosarians and for those visiting our piece of paradise. All are welcome for the best Chiropractic and Massage on the Sunshine Coast.

Holidays are an Opportunity: In many people’s busy lives holidays afford a great opportunity to do some body maintenance with a Chiropractic Check up and adjustments, and Remedial Massage. Both Mari and Richard are available to take care of your needs during normal business hours.

Health Maintenance Care: Like any machine our body needs maintenance and on going hygiene care. If we fail to maintain our spines, muscles and ligaments uncorected stresses accumulate and eventually when the body can no longer adapt it breaks down and sickness pain and disease are the consequences. It’s not about how long you live, it’s about the quality of your life as you age.

Old Age is a Celebration of Life: Looking after day to day health needs pays huge dividends. How many times as a doctor have I heard some one say, “If I knew I would have lived this long, I’de have taken better care of myself”? In today’s world most of us will live longer because of advances in medicine, so the question is not how long, it’s how well?

Chiropractic Wellness Care: The Chiropractic approach is not built on cricks, backaches, headaches, and strains, but upon optimal function. We teach and practice removing interference from Nature’s processes so She can manifest herself naturally. Nutrition, Exercise, Rest and relaxation, a good mental attitude and spinal flexability and alignment are all factors promoting well being.

Committ to Better Health and Well Being: Here’s a New Years resolution to consider. “In 2020 I will look after myself better and adopt a life style that promotes health and well being”. Start the New Year with a fabulous Remedial Massage, and a Chiropractic Check Up and start the journey.


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