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Happy New Year to All:

Have a Happy New Year:

I need not tell you what a dreadful year 2020 has been, however in just a short time it will be behind us and the promise of a New Year is in front of us.

New Years Resolutions and You:

The tradition of making a New Year’s Resolution is still with us. Like all resolutions it doesn’t matter how determined you are unless that determination is backed up by action, nothing will change. “This year I am going to get healthy”. Sounds great, but remember all the resolution in the world without action will not amount to a hill of beans.

Usher Out the Old, and Welcome the New:

Remember to release the old from your consciousness. Don’t keep digging up the corpse of yesterday, give birth to the New promise of tomorrow ,while living in the presence of today. After I have adjusted a patient I ask them not to rub the area or even touch the area. By touching after the adjustment you are affirming the old pain, the old symptom, when we should forget the past pain and move on in a state of positive expectation and present consciousness.

2021 a Year Filled With Promise:

Everything in Life has purpose, even a virus! Nothing in the Universe happens by accident. The Basic Law of Life is “change”. Everything is in a state of flux, arising and passing away. All Life is born and all Life passes away. That’s normal, that’s the way it is and all the good intentions and manipulation is not going to change it. It is what it is! 2021 is the birth of a new year, full of new experiences and lessons. It will be what we create it to be. The first thing to do is release the shadows of the past year and action our resolutions.

Happy New Year To All Our Friends:

Our Chiropractic and Massage Clinic exists to serve you. Without you, we are nothing. Thanks to all our patients and massage clients for allowing us to serve you, it was always our privilege. Love, Health, and Happiness to all, from the health team at your Chiropractic and Massage clinic in Noosa.

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