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Headaches Can Be Pain In The Neck:

Misaligned Atlas and Axis Bones In The Top Of Your Neck: May be the cause of your headaches. As high as 30% of all our patients fall into this category and have had great results with specific and gentle spinal adjustments.

The Neck Is The Body’s Life Line: The brain and spinal cord control and coordinate all the functions of the body – Greys Anatomy. All of our body parts are controlled by our brain and the spinal cord is our body’s life line, the super highway carrying life giving messages to all 50 trillion cells of the human body.

Pressure On The Spinal Cord Caused By Misaligned Neck Bones: Can result in headaches and even migraine headaches with visual disturbances. The neck is one of our more vulnerable body parts and during a life time is the subject of many kinds of injuries. The head weighs around 5.3 kilos and perched at the top of the neck provides an ideal fulcrum point for whiplash! Many accidents, from the womb to the tomb impact on the neck and those two top neck bones are the ones most easily displaced.

Spinal Adjustments Restore Neck Bones To Their Normal Position: Specific and expertly administered adjustments done by a competent Chiropractic doctor relieves pressure from the spinal cord and allows the tissue to heal itself, naturally. Headaches are often a result of atlas and axis misalignment, and Chiropractic adjustments restore normal alignment.

Call Us Today And We Can Check Your Neck For Misalignments: By calling 0409 570246 or book your appointment directly online http// , you have nothing to loose but those headaches. Dr Singer has 47 years of experience in the specific upper cervical techniques designed to correct upper neck headaches.

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