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Health Care has become an industry designed to cater for all consumers:

In this industrialised world Health Care poses in many disguises. Pills, Potions, elixirs, and modalities promising miraculous outcomes with little personal effort for the purchaser. Is it any wonder people are confused and resign themselves to following their doctor’s orders as it’s all too complicated. Among this mine field of false promises and clever marketing comes “money back guarantees”, and “try for 30 days for just 49.95″. How do we then navigate this mine field and actually do significant things that will make a difference to our suffering? Could it be the more personal responsibility required and taken, the more real are the results?

The industry of Health Care Relies on “cafeteria shoppers”. These people may be sincere and desperate for results, however they go from one magic potion to another, from one smart marketing modality to another? Imagine standing in a cafeteria and walking past the delights on display. “I’ll have some of that I like that. No I don’t like that, so I’ll past up. Oh, that’s my favourite, yum’o”. Or the person at the gym who loves to do legs, but hates upper body work out. They have set likes, dislikes, favourites and pet hates.

Here we are then at the LIFE BANQUET called “Laws of health and well being”. First we see on the smorgous board “the spine and the central nervous system”, why because from the brain runs the nerves that regulate all bodily functions. We move along and discover the next choice is “a healthy gut” and an array of lactobacillus and other fermented foods. Then moving along we find “exercise ensuring good tissue tone”. At the next station on our Banquet of Life we find “Rest and Relaxation”, looking closer we see options of good sleep, meditation techniques and yes hobbies. We continue to the next offering and here we have “Good mental attitude” . On this part of our table we see an attitude of gratitude, equanimity of mind, compassion, kindness, and a peaceful centred mind. The problem with the offerings at this banquet all require a considerable commitment on the part of this consumer to life changes and disciplines in order to benefit from these goodies.

Most people today lack commitment, and in the face of miraculous claims the Cafeteria Shopper goes from one practitioner to another, developing favourites, largely because they tell them what they want to hear. They buy “health plans”, a truck load of pills, potions and elixirs, try every modality on the market. They are in denial. “It is something on the outside that’s causing me to be overweight, miserable and my knees to hurt. I have done everything I can. Don’t tell me to loose weight, it’s impossible. I’ve tried everything and nothing works”.

The Truth about what works and what doesn’t is this: If it changes your life style and allows less INTERFERENCE TO NATURE’S LAWS so your body functions better and is on the Banquet of Life Smorgas Board, do it. Nature is designed to support us and allow us to reach full potential. Marketing and radical promises are designed to make money, and don’t give a damn about you! Learn about Nature and live a harmonious life aligned to Natural law and order. Will we ever need intervention in the form of disease care or crisis therapy? Of course, however we are discussing “Health”, not sickness, these are two different things.

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