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Many respected authors have described the spine as “the river of life”. Hipocratees is quoted as saying “look well to the spine for the cause of disease”. Why is your back so important? Well it gives support to your muscles, ligaments, organs and indeed all the structures of your body. More importantly it houses the centeral nervous system which “controls and coordinates all the functions of the human bbody” (Greys Anatomy). Your back is a bony conduit of made up of 24 vertebrae which can and do come out of alignement with each other and the bone encroaches on the nerves resulting in pain and a break down in function. Chiropractic Doctors are the recognised experts in locating and correcting spinal conditions reducing pain and returning the spine and body to normal function.

At Noosa Life Chiropractic and Massage we pride ourselves in delivering the best service on the Sunshine Coast. We have been rated among the top 3 Chiropractic Clinics on the Sunshine Coast by an independent accrediting agancy on the internet. Dr Richard Singer has 42 years of clinical experience and is fully versed in traditional Chiropractic methods, and uptodate techniques in diagnosis and treatment. A part of your exam is applied kinesiology testing, computerised range of movement studies as well as spinal x’rays where required.

Our Remedial Massage therapist is Kellie Bechaz and she is one of the best. Kellie is registered with health funds for your insurance rebate, and is fully accredited. Whether it’s a half hour “targetted massage”, an hour “full body massage”, or even longer she is glad to oblige. An appointment is neccessary for both Chiropractic Care and Massage Therapy, call Debbie or Nancy for your appointment on 0409 570246.

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