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Helpful Daily Stretches:

Stretching To Maintain Flexibility and Suppleness is Important: I am asked the question every day, “Should I be doing some stretches?” The short answer is Yes! Where do you find helpful stresses? On our web site. Scroll down the home page and you will come across a bar, “Check Out Our Useful Daily Stretches”. Click on the bar and you will open that chapter on stretching.

The Rotation Neck Stretch: The one illustrated in diagram #8 is incorrect! Here is the correction to that illustration: Using your eyes look behind you over your shoulder and rotate the neck to follow the eyes. Now using the hand on the side of rotation, place it on the side of the face and hyper rotate gently, dropping the other shoulder at the same time. Hold for 10 seconds and gently release, and repeat the other direction.

Hyper extension of the head as in fig 9 is not recommended: When the neck is hyper extended the top joint in the neck, (atlanto occipital joint actually dis articulates in orderr to acieve that extreem range of motion demand placed on it. This has been demonstrated on moving x ray pictures (fluoroscopy). This is perhaps why a lot of professional painters have neck problems and headaches, because they spend a lot of time painting ceilings. Plasterers also stand on stilts and support the sheet of plaster with their heads while nailing ceilings. This action of here extending the neck into extreme positions causes neck pain and even headaches. Looking down in a hyper flexed position can also cause neck, upper back pain and headaches.

Text Neck Syndrome: Place this in the search engine “text neck syndrome”, and observe how tilting the head forward for extended periods of time may result in all kinds of neck problems and headaches. The normal posture for the head is upright neck with the head above the shoulders. As the head is tilted forward its weight increases bu as much as 6 and a half times at an angle of 60 degrees. With your hand held device hold it up directly in-front of the eyes and the neck will be more comfortable with fewer headaches.

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