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Holiday Makers and Locals all are Welcomed:

Holiday Makers and Locals are all Welcomed:

We Offer 3 Types of Massages.

Noosa Life Chiropractic and Massage offers 3 types of Massage Therapy for your tension and stress. Choose theraputic massage ranging from (1) a 90 mins, (2) 60 mins and (3) 30 mins where we target your specific area of tension and stress to be relieved and concentrate within tjis area.

Focused Massage Therapy:

Maybe it’s your shoulders and neck that are knotted up specifically and you want only this area addressed in a 30 mins massage? That’s fine we cater for a focused massage and “our Jack” can help you with a deep tissue massage of a specific area. Maybe it’s lower back and hips where you require your massage targeted, no probs, Jack will take care of your specific needs.

Whether it’s 90, 60 or 30 minute duration, you decide:

While the most common massage requested is a 60 minute whole body massage, we have a client who asks for 90 minutes and several who want a 30 minute focused massage just prior to their Chiropractic adjustment. Either way Jack is an excellent massage therapist and he will do his best to get rid of knotted muscles and tension.

Deep Tissue Massage Dosen’t Have to Hurt:

Jack asks his clients to give hime feed back. “Please tell me if the pressure is too deep, or not deep enough”. He will be guided by how you feel, so please don’t hesitate to let him know so you get the best massage for your individual needs. Jack is a big strong man and he can temper the massage to suite you. A 120 kilo man may need more pressure than a 60 kilo petite woman, and he realises this and will be guided by you the client.

Regular Massage Really Does Help:

All professional sporting team members are regularly massaged before, after and in between games. This stretches ligaments and muscles and drains accumulated uric acid and fatigue from muscles and surrounding soft tissue. You too need a regular massage for all the same reasons. Call us today and book your massage, or book online directly.

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