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Live Life by Intent, and not Accident:


I think “there is nothing bigger than LIFE”. It is so improtant to me that I give it my entire attention and live it with INTENT. For example, I intentionally choose my food, the air I breath, the water I drink, my meditation practice, the people I choose to be with, and so on. Life is too important to live it by default, by accident. Wellness is a life style full of intention. My intention facilitates choosing all the factors that make up LIFE and selectively choosing which benefit my life style and which don’t.

Chiropractic is a large part of my intentional life style becauses it blesses my life and it compliments everything that is wholesome and good. It’s not about “cracking backs”! It’s about nurturing all facets of wellness from a supple spine and nervous system to teaching people about the blessings Nature provides in abundance. Quite often someone will say to me,      “I don’t know how I would get on without my adjustments”? I reply “I don’t neither, it’s an intentional part of my life style”

Happiness is the purpose of life, and in order to fulfill one’s purpose we need peace, tranquility, love and compassion. These qualities require balance, homeostasis, wellness. When Body, Mind and Spirit are at peace, the result is happiness. This balance can not be had by accident, but requires the greatest of intention. It’s not a chore, it’s simply a life style that one learns and adopts along the journey, but the rewards do lead to happiness, and happiness is the purpose of LIFE.

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