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Is Your Lower Back Pain Letting You Down?


Lower Back Pain, is both debilitating and costly in terms of days lost off work. Are you one of the foolish people who say, “Well I can put up with a certain level of back pain”. That’s not the point. Why do you have pain, that’s the question you should be asking? The pain starts at the end of the breakdown process, when the spine can no longer cope and adapt, and it finally jams up, pinching nerves and reducing your function, and causing back pain and misery. Years of stress, accidents, and poor posture have accumulated over your life time, and eventually the pain starts from a relatively insignificant event. Remember, “the straw that broke the camel’s back”, is a myth. It’s years of unresolved spinal joint damage that breaks’ the camel’s back, and results in debilitating pain and break down of function and ruins your golf game, or life style. 

Pain is the end of the breakdown process of your subluxated (slightly dislocated) back, and not the beginning. If the pain is left untreated then the body starts to help itself by laying down calcium deposits and it starts a process we call Osteoarthritis, and other permanent changes. If it deems necessary to “survive” your body will even fuse segments of your spine together. Spinal degenerative changes are largely irreversible, so don’t ignore your body’s warning.

Chiropractic is a natural and painless method of correcting damaged spines and return them to pain free health and wellness. See our spinal experts at Noosa Life Chiropractic and Massage today. Your Chiropractic doctor is Dr Richard J Singer, and you Massage therapist is Mari Borges. We will diagnose the cause of the pain, the subluxations, often using spinal  X Rays, computerised motion studies. Treatment is by way of pain free adjustments freeing the stuck joints. The body can now adapt and heal itself the way Nature intended.  A well balanced free spine is a healthy spine, it feels and functions better, Naturally. Call today 0409 570246.. and Look us up on Face Book now, you won’t regret letting us help you.

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