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When is a good time to start Chiropractic Spinal Health Care? The simple answer is NOW. Do you need back pain or spinal symptoms to qualify for spinal alignment care? Again the simple answer is NO. First of all you obviously need to be alive and we can safely assume that if you are reading this blog. Secondly you need a spine and nervous system, so you see everyone is a candidate for Chiropractic Health Care.

How do I know I have spinal misalignment? 8 out of 10 people suffer with some form of back related symptoms each year, and a greater number of work days are lost because of back complaints each and every year than any other reason. A simple test that any one can do is a leg length check. Lay down on your back in a straight position and have someone check the balance of your leg lengths. If one is consistently short by 13 millimetre or more chances are your spine has misalignment and possibly nerve impingements.

How do I get an expert’s diagnosis, and can misalignment be corrected? A competent Chiropractic doctor has the knowledge and the expertise to make an accurate assessment of your spinal condition including spinal x rays in a lot of cases, and using time honoured techniques and just their hands they will gently adjust the misaligned segments back in place and manage your recovery.

Is it important to find the right Chiropractic Doctor to attend? When considering who to go to for help, a good place to start is experience. Find a Chiropractor with as much experience as possible. Nothing beats experience. Next read reviews on Google and see what other people are saying about that Chiropractor. Next check out their parking lot and their reception room. Are they busy? Who wants to eat in an empty restaurant?

The first visit will confirm you are in the right place: Your initial impression of the doctor and their staff and facility is a good indicator, one to build up your confidence. Dr Richard Singer is one of the more experienced Chiropractic Doctors on the Sunshine Coast, with 47 years clinical experience, and he has practiced in Noosa for 28 years. He is always busy. Read his 5 star reviews onGoogle and make up your own mind. The first person you speak with when making an appointment is Debbie. She has 32 years of experience as a senior Chiropractic Assistant and practice administrator. You will find her knowledgable and helpful.

Chiropractors report their results as 90% favourable: It’s not unusual to find a 90% satisfaction rating among Chiropractic patients. Symptoms are abated and chronic condition managed naturally and painlessly. If you know someone attending a Chiropractor ask them about their experience. The bad publicity doesn’t come from experienced Chiropractic clients, but from people who have never been and listen to ignorant propaganda. Find out for yourself why Chiropractors are popular today.


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