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A series of articles about anatomy, an understanding that will empower you to make better decisions
The lower back extends from the bottom of the ribs to the hips and is made up of 5 freely moveable vertebrae with discs in between them. The 5 bones of the lower back are supported by strong muscles and ligaments with spinal nerves exiting between each pair of bones. Supporting the lower back is the pelvis. It consists of 2 main components the hips (or the ileum), and the sacrum directly below the last lumbar vertebra. The pelvis provides balance and support for the lower back. Together the components of the lower back and pelvis form the foundation for the flexible column of the rest of the spine, a bony conduit housing and protecting the spinal cord and its contents.
Typical causative factors are lifting and twisting strains leading to swelling of the disks and inflammation of the spinal nerves.Lower back pain generally starts as a dull ache and can worsen to a severe crippling pain. Most patients think “it is just a muscle strain, and maybe it will go away?” Please note, 5 of the most dangerous words heard in a Chiropractor’s office are “Maybe it will go away?” Any abnormal movement or disturbance with spinal function can contribute to back pain. The nerves leaving the spine can get irritated and can cause pain in the legs known as sciatica. It is impossible to make a diagnosis based on pain alone.
Chiropractors are best equipped to make an accurate and conservative diagnosis. This includes a computerised spinal range of motion study, spinal imaging (X Rays) where needed and other specific orthopaedic and neurological tests. In many studies Chiropractic with a rehabilitative exercise program and remedial massage therapy, has been recognised as being effective and safe in treating lower back pain.
CHIROPRACTIC TREATMENT IS EFFECTIVE AND ONE OF THE LEAST INVASIVE approaches to helping pain and rehabilitating you to health and wellness. Dr Singer is a professional modern chiropractor with 41 years of experience using all the diagnostic tools at his disposal to confirm what is causing your pain and disability, Spinal problems left unchecked deteriate and in time get worse, with attacks of pain becoming more frequent and permanent irreversible damage over time will occur. For more information go to or phone 0409 570246

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