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"Lumbago" What's that?

An old fashioned word for an all too Modern Complaint: Lumbago put simply is “back pain”. The term is often associated with lower back and even sciatica or leg pain. A debilitating condition which costs industry millions of dollars in lost man hours even tear.

Epidemic Proportions throughout all Communities: It has been estimated 80% of Australians will suffer with back pain and have 4 to 10 days a year off work as a result. The most prominent form of partial and permanent disability in our modern world comes from one form of back pain or another.

Real Help is Available: The world leader in non surgical successful intervention for back pain is “Chiropractic”. Many studies world wide have pointed to Chiropractic spinal adjustments as being safe and effective in reducing and even eliminating back pain. I participated in such a study in the UK back in 1990. Various well known modalities from physiological therapy, osteopathy, typical pain and anti inflammatory medically perscribed drugs, were tested in a double blind study. The results showed Chiropractic was not only safe but effective in the reduction and rehabiitation along with exercise, of back pain.

How Do I Find a Good Chiropractor? Chiropractic follows a philosophy of natural healing, it is entirely scientific with 5 years of tertiary education leading to a Batchelor and even Masters degree, and an art requiring manual adjusting skills on the part of the Chiropractor. It is also a regulated health science all practicing Chiropractors have to be registered and are regulated under the Governement agency AHPRA.

Yes, but how do I find a Good One? Chances are all Chiropractors are well trained (educated) in the basic human sciences, and have been exposed to some philosophy, however do they have the dexterity and skills to perform a safe, pain free and effective treatment? Like everything requiring a skill set, experience is always the best teacher. Dr Richard Singer has been in active practice for nearly half a century, and he has pretty much seen it all.

Does Massage Help? Yes massage can be effective in freeing tight knotted muscles which will allow for a better spinal adjustment. Our Massage Therapist often massages patients first before they recieve their spinal corective adjustments. Safe, effective, relief and rehabilitation, and we provide on going maintenance to maintain the corrections we achieve. Book online direct or call 0409 570 246 for your Chiropractic check up or therapuetic massage with Mari.


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