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Massage is an essential part of Health Care:


80% of all patients attending a GP every year go for musculo skeletal related problems mainly pain! Sorry folks but short of drug induced pain relief and a physio referral there is nothing else they can do. The Physio’ recommends and oversees specific exercises which the patient commits to do when they get home, but seldom do…

Most if not all musculo skeletal pain is caused by muscle bundle tension and spinal bone subluxation (joints out of alignment and nerves being pinched), and that’s the realm of a fully accredited massage therapist and a Chiropractic Doctor. The massage therapist locates twisted muscle bundle fibres and tension in ligaments and sets about untangling the soft tissue that has been causing pain over a period of years. The Chiropractic Doctor manually adjusts the spinal bones to release pinched nerves and relieve the pain.

A musculo skeletal cause to a problem requires a muscculo skeletal resolution, massage and Chiropractic is musculo skeletal. We believe we have the best massage therapist on the Sunshine Coast, her name is Mari and she is from Brazil and while fully accredited with all the health funds Mari has a menu of no less than 6 different techniques and she uses topical magnesium which she rubs into the muscles. I personally get a massage with Mari every two weeks and with all honesty she is the best…

Call us today we are committed to clearing your symptoms and working with you to return you to health, naturally. 0409 570246 and see more of what we can do for you

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