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Neck and Shoulder Tension and Pain:

“Neck and shoulder tension”.                                                                                                                                                    Chiropractors and Massage therapists take care of neck and shoulder tension every day in their practices. Physiotherapists rehabilitate shoulder muscles and ligaments largely through exercise and taping. The majority of shoulders have strained or sprained ligaments and in particular inflamed soft tissue. Most need intervention, some with steroid injection to reduce inflammation in the bursa, some by acromeoplasty in the case of an “impingement syndrome”, some ligament re attachment surgery, and others respond to mobilisation, massage and Chiropractic techniques. All shoulder and neck symptoms require one thing in common, an accurate diagnosis. I am amazed at how many neck and shoulder problems present as a “chief complaint”, and have not been diagnosed properly, wasting time and money with weeks and even months of ineffective rehab without addressing the actual cause of the problem.

Through applied kinesiology muscle testing we determine is your’s a Chiropractic case, or perhaps massage would benefit? I do other tests to determine the integrity of the ligaments and the soft tissue of the shoulder girdle. If I think appropriate, further diagnosis is done using x Ray and diagnostic ultra sound, and in other cases (surgical) even an MRI scan. Maybe an injection would be helpful or acromeoplasty intervention or ligament repair surgery, we will make a determination of the cause of your neck and shoulder tension.

All shoulders are treatable, however they must be correctly diagnosed in order to treat the cause effectively.                          Remember – “Before a good outcome can be anticipated, it is essential that the clinician’s diagnosis of what is causing the pain is accurately assessed”. Call us today for a correct diagnosis and effective treatment 0409 570246 See more


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