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Neck Pain at
Noosa Life Chiropractic and Massage

Man with neck painThe neck is more correctly called the cervical spine. It starts under the skull and extends down to the top of your shoulders. It is made up of 7 vertebrae called the cervical vertebra. Traditionally each is given a number starting at the top is C1 (the atlas), and going down to the last bone C7. The second neck bone is called the axis as it’s primary movement is in head rotation like an axle. Neck pain is best described as being just that, “a pain in the neck”! It is not only inconvenient but can effect all phases of your day to day life.

The majority of neck pain sufferers consider it unbearable when it interferes with their favourite activity eg. golf. “Doc my neck pain is stoping my golf swing, I just have to do something about it now!” As in all the spine, each adjacent pair of cervical vertabrae has a disk separating them allowing for nerves from the spinal cord to exit and feed organs glands and muscles and send messages back to the brain. In particular the neck nerves feed the muscles and sensory nerve endings in the arms and hands.

Neck pain causes

The joints of the neck that allow each adjacent neck bones their range of motion, are called facets. Facet joint problems represent a good example of mechanical neck pain. Facets, can be injured or strained, or they can slightly missalign causing localised and or radiating pain. It may refer into the shoulder blade, arms or upper back, unique to your particular neck issue. Essentially any malfunction of movement and balance of the cervical spinal bones may manifest as neck pain. Surrounding and supporting the column of the neck as a whole are muscles and ligaments and these too can manifest pain from a strain or pain E.G. a motor vehicle accident causing whiplash.

We have many years of experience treating neck pain and we can help

The first thing we do in our Chiropractic practice is to determine what is causing your neck pain? To do this requires an expert diagnosis including spinal imaging (neck x rays), where necessary. Other nerve and range of motion tests are done to further determine what damage has been done in the case of a motor vehicle accident, adding to other evidence to come up with an accurate diagnosis. Remember we also recognise the role remedial massage has in rehabilitating soft tissue (muscles and ligament) strain and sprain.

At Noosa Life Chiropractic and Massage, we can help you with determining the cause of your neck pain and a treatment protocol that will assist with your body’s ability to heal itself.

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