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New Year's Action Plan:

New Year’s Resolution: 98% of people’s Wish list for the start of the new year is for better health and along with “better health” comes weight loss. For some people loosing weight is a constant battle and a life long struggle.

“Do It”, the famous sign on the President Regan’s desk: President Ronald Regan it is said, had a sign on his desk in the oval office that simply said “Do It”. A resolution with lots of intent is not enough to effect change, Change comes about through action, just do it.

The CSIRO Diet Plan: I have reviewed the list of diets and the one that stands out and impresses me the most is the one formulated by the CSIRO. It’s a scientifically based plan that feeds the body and lowers you weight predictably and definitely. They offer an interesting incentive. Reach your 12 week goal weight loss that they calculate for you, they will refund the cost of the program. They offer other support aids as well.

Health and Happiness: Are two side of the same coin, one goes along with the other. There are hard and fast rules set by the Universe that can not be stretched, modified or changed. These are Universal Rules set in the laws of physics and chemistry and all the sciences we study. Boiled down to it’s simplicity these laws can be listed as nutritious foods, a flexible spine clear of interference, rest relaxation, exercise, and an attitude of gratitude. In a nutshell Life Style.

Life Style determines Wellness: What you eat and how much you eat, do you get enought sleep, and relaxation time, is your body tissues firm and flexible, how about your mind is it at peace and do you feel gratitude for life? Hippocrates said, “let thy food be thy medicine”. He said “food”, not pills, potions and elixirs. E.G. Instead of unknown sourced fish oil capsules why not eat a strip of smoked salmon every day, and so on. More phyto nutrients (plant based), less artificial processed foods, less sugar, no added salt, give your gut probiotics, rest your gut from time to time. Life Style, Life style and more life style, and just “do it”. Health dosen’t cost, it pays!!



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