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New Years Health Resolution:

Before you can make a “health resolution”, let’s define wht it is you are after? Weight loss? That can indeed be unhealthy if you follow a trendy new age diet. Exercise? That can do more damage if your goals are not clearly defined and targeted. Rest and relaxation can be unhealthy if it means becoming a “couch potato”. And an optimistic attitude may be fool hardy and the “head in the sand” syndrome. All of what I have described are indeed unhealthy.

Clarity and vision are paramount: Clearly we know what health isn’t, but what then is it? Look to the natural world to help define real health and how to achieve it. Nature exists for one purpose, to bless and nurture the inhabitants on the planet, us. Look at Mother Nature. Sun comes up, sun goes down. We are intended under Natural law, to get up at sunrise and go to bed at sunset, or at least near there. Plants growing in Nature are rich in minerals and nutrition and incidentally, because they ferment easily from prebiotics, the food for micro bacterium to live and grow on. Sunlight nourishes life anf photo synthesis is neccessary for nearly every living plant to grow and thrive on. The largest and longest living animals in the natural world are herbavors, and the shortest and more aggressive carnivore. Look around you ther is evidence and clues everywhere.

Application of Natural Laws: The widely recognised 5 keys to health are (1) Natural nutrition,  (2) exercise, (3) rest and relaxation, (4) a flexable dynamic and adaptable spine and nervous system, and (5) a good optimistic attitude full of appreciation, gratitude and expectation. Eat live foods, some fermented and lots of vegetables and fruits, and fish rather than red meats. Exercise half hour of cardio (light exertion), and 10 minutes of resistance training ( lifting weights) a day. The spinal bones house the “river of life”, the central nervous system) and they need to be freely adaptable ( Chiropractic spinal maintenance adjustments. Along with sleep, comes relaxation. This to you may mean meditation. A great way to control and focus your mind. Attitude is extreemly important, because “as a man thinketh, so is he”. Think with appreciation, gratitude and expectation and you will creat a better world.

Chiropractic Promotes Nature: Call us for further enquiry and assistance 0409 570246. We are here to assist you live a fuller more active and exciting Life. with Chiropractic and Best Massage .


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