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New Years Revolution!!

A Revolution? Let’s call it that: As human animals we like to live in our own comfort zone. Eating comfort food, laying about in our easy chair, soft bed, and putting ourselves out only when absolutely neccessary and only when we are forced to…. “Sounds great”, did I hear you say? To change years of habit will require a mind set revolution. A resolution can be largely merely a wish, however put that wish into action and we now start a “revolution”.

Change Only Takes Place, Because of Demand: Our bodies, minds and spirits are designed to adapt to demands placed on them. No demand, no change, infact the body’s systems deteriorate and eventually break down and die without demand, without demand there is no adaptation, no change. More of being overweight, sickness, full of aches and pains and deteriorating health

Please Explain: Take a muscle for example. Does it become big and strong if it is never used? Let’s consider our brain, our mind. A common complaint you will hear is, “since I retired and went fishing my mind seems to be less sharper, and I can’t think like I used to …..” What about your belly does it not grow when you do not exercise and just lay about every day. Do “couch potatoes” thrive because they are saving their energy, or do they deteriorate, get sick and die? The less energy you use, the less energy you have.

The Bible’s Blessing: You don’t have to be religeous to appreciate good advice wherever it may come from. In the first book of the Bible God said, “In the sweat of thy brow shalt thou labour, for thine own sake”. In other words work, effort and demand are for our own good.

January one Start the Revolution: Note the word “revolution”, it implies action and that is what is needed to reap our reward of health and happiness. Effort, demand, just do it! Place demands on your diet, exercise cardio and resistance, take up the discipling of meditation, get spinal adjustments, massage and any other form of genuine proactive health care. Act decisively, with purpose and become a participant in Life and not merely a spectator. Life is beautiful, enjoy and appreciate it fully.

If It’s To Be, It’s Up To Me: Your health is in your hands, not your doctor’s or pharmacist. They take care of sickness and symptoms, but health comes from within your body. Because of what you do proactively. It’s a life style, not a treatment regime. Just do it, do it, do it…. Love and happiness and great health for 2020.

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