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October 16' is World Spine Day:

World Spine Day:

October 16 is a day set aside world wide to recognise the importance of our human spines, and to remind us that like all organs and structures it requires regular service and maintenance. Let’s look at the functions of the spine, your backbone..

The human spine adds form and grace to the body. It gives support to the appendicular skeleton, connected directly or indirectly with all the other structures of the human body. It form a “super highway” for the spinal cord and it’s vital life giving messages from the brain to all 50 + trillion cells of the body, and back to the brain again. It protects the flow of Life through the “river of Life”, the spinal cord, and it has intricate flexibility allowing us to bend and twist to accomodate all movement.

Apart from all of the above, we all have one and we have a responsibility to look after and maintain this miraculous organ not just when we get back and neck pain and headaches, but all the time. Symptoms are eroneous indicators when it comes to gauging our health and well being. Symptoms come well after the event that contributed to the breakdown in function, resulting in the symptoms.

“What can I do to service and maintain my back in a state of health and well being?” Good question, and here’s the answer: Chiropractic in the modern era started in 1895, however different forms of spinal manipulation, recognised to improve health and well being, have been identified going back several thousand years. A typical patient arrives at my office and typically I hear, “doc’ you are my last resort, I have been everywhere without significant help, and now I am coming to you.” Our symptom reliving results are therefore based on other’s failures!

As a Chiropractor we do specific examinations, often X Rays, range of movement studies, and with applied kinesiology identify spinal segments that require adjusting. All this is done in a friendly, caring and professional environment with modern diagnostic equipment and the latest adjusting tables. Yes we do have EFTPOS and on the spot reimbursements for private health funds, and we accept GP referrals. Call us today for your appointment 0409 570 246

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