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October is Mental Health Month:

October has been Declared Mental Health Month:

In the prevailing “pandemic” people are suffering from mental health issues more than ever before. In Fact some epidemiologists warn a three fold increase in places like Victoria and Queensland in anxiety, depression and suicides. These mental health issues they warn are far more lethal than the virus all the rules and regulations are protecting us from.

A Sad State of Affairs, and More Lethal than the Virus:

I have patients who report they are suffering fear and anxiety, because of the uncertainty and warnings issued by our State bureaucrats in spite of warnings from epidemiologists from WHO and world authorities. One of my patients actually tried to end her life a few weeks ago. It is pitiful to observe this lovely lady in a state of fear and anxiety. It was reported to me during a consultation one little girl has refused to go to school, because it was in shut down and she thinks she will get sick and die if she returns to school. This is happening in Queensland, imagine the mental health in Victoria where ordinary people are literally in forced detention.

What Can I Do To Protect My Mental Health?

Don’t allow the fear of the pandemic obsess you. Get busy guarding your wellbeing by attending to your nutrition, exercise, rest and good sleep, turn off the TV and stay away from the constant reporting and fear mongering, get a Massage, see your Chiropractor to attend to your spinal and general health. Remember we have had many pandemics from the Avian Virus, Covert 12, Asian flu and Spanish flu, Swine flu and now we have Covert 19 Flu virus. Where are all those virus’ of the past? A small percentage of sick, in firmed, elderly people succumbed and the rest of the population built immunity became stronger as a result and 99% of life continued. That’s what will happen here once more and Covert 19 will be shelved in history along with all the others.

Life Is Beautiful:

Meditation is a great way to train your mind perhaps now is the time for you to take up the practice and learn to control your mind. Mind creates reality and if you want to change your world you can. Just change how you perceive your world to be, and it becomes a reflexion of your mind. Don’t succumb to the fear, doom and gloom. This too shall pass. Those in danger are the aged, in firmed and already dangerously weakened, 99% of the rest will build a natural immunity and if they do come in contact with the virus will get mild symptoms, build an immunity and be stronger as a result. Remember Life is Beautiful….


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