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OLive Oil, Nectar of the Gods:

The ancient Greeks, French, Spanish, Italians and the Egyptians all believed that olive oil was a “gift from the Gods”. They used it for everything, from scraping their bodies (the Gladiators), to a skin and hair conditioner, cooking and simply combining it with different foods. Olive oil has been revered throughout the centuries by many cultures in the World.

“Researchers from the University of Glasgow have developed a new way of measuring subtle changes in heart health over just a few weeks by looking at studying protein patterns in urine, a method known as proteomics. A protein marker has been identified that appears in the urine of high risk cardio vascular patients. The results of their study showed a marked change in the protein pattern of those who were given extra virgin olive oil and conventional olive oil associated with significant improvements in the biomarkers for coronary heart diseases (CAD), the most common heart disease.”

The obvious health benefits from the Mediteraen diet have been thoroughly documented, and researchers have now specifically identified the specific ingredient of the Mediteraenean diet giving those benefits as olive oil. In these subjects with a high risk of cardio vascular events, when 20 mils of any kind of olive oil was added to their diet over a few weeks, the protein marker entirely dissapeared. This research is invaluable, however it was emphasised the olive oil asociated with these remarkabke changes was raw (uncooked) olive oil, and of any kind.

An old patient of mine in the US had an expression, he would say, “shoot Doc, you’re as slick as snot on a glass door knob!”      I am proud to say old Bill was right, I am as “slick as snot.” I read the report from the published research from the University of Glascow and watched Michael Mosley on TV who presented their findings. I decided I would put the experiment to the test. 12 years ago I had 4 x transient eschimic attacks (TIA’s) commonly known as mini strokes, following episodes of atrial fibrilation (heart arythmias). Red blood cells were clotting, because of the AF in the left atrium of my heart and they went straight to the blood vessels at the base of the brain resulting in 4 x TIA or mini strokes. Yes I could have died, and during an 11 month period I had 9 emergency cardiac ablation catheterisation surgeries in order to return the heart to normal sinus rhythym. For three years I experienced many distressing vertigo spells and other indicators of a pending major cerebro vascular life threatening event. It was then that I read the findings of the report from the Glascow University Research findings and decided to put the olive oil solution to the test.  Having had no signs or symptoms since I stated the experiment I must conclude, the olive oil taken every day has been an amazing success….

I put the findings of the Glascow University research findings to the test. I decided to consume in excess of 20 mils of olive oil a day starting with my amazing anti oxidant breakfast. Morning starts every day at 5.30 with an hour + of meditation. This gives me clarity and peace of mind and spirit. Then freshly squeezed lemon juice with fermented grains in lemon and ginger solution to build my gut biome (bacteria) for the day. I shower, shave and dress, and then comes my amazing breakfast. I recommend to all my patients to consume a minimum of 20 mils of olive oil every day. My day (breakfast) starts with a slice of sour dough naturally fermented bread (no yeast) lightly toasted and drizzled with olive oil, covered in half an advocado, a slice of salmon, and a poached egg on top with black pepper.  I do not consume capsulated processed fish oil, I use real fish in the form of sliced smoked salmon, and another good oil in advocado.  My antioxidants are always high. Good fats are consumed raising my HDL (good cholesterol) and lowering my LDL (bad cholesterol). Have I prepared my day? You bet! The lemon ginger drink with fermented grains can be conveniently purchased on line and it is full of fermenting lacto baccilus bacteria for your gut health.  Call me and I will give you the URL to go to for more information 0409 570246.

Remember wellness is a life style and not a treatment regime. “Let your food be your medicine” (Hipocratees), get regular spinal adjustemtns, and remedial massages for your muscles, ligaments and your nervous system health. Exercise, and rest and relaxation, and find a practice of meditation giving your mind peace and clarify. Start your day with meditation, probiotics, and an amazing anti oxidant filled breakfast. Life is your responsibility, and accept “if it’s to be, it’s up to me”. The best helping hand you can find is right there, at the end of your own shirt sleeve! Wellness is a life style.                        Love, peace and happiness from your wellness team at Noosa Life Chiropractic and Massage.

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