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Our Two Bobs Worth About the Corona Virus:

A balanced spine free of pain and restrictions: Means a healthier functioning nervous system”. This is not merely an opinion, it is science. Greys Anatomy says, “the central nervous system controls and coordinates all the functions of the body, and relates the individual to their environment”.

The Highly Infectious Corona Virus: Presently we are caught up in mass hysteria, and told of a highly infectious virus that is overcoming already sick or in firmed people. The greater majority of people will survive and in fact their immune systems will be strengthened as a result of coming in contact with the virus. That’s Nature’s way.

Healthy bodies with strong immune systems: Will adapt to the virus, build natural antibodies and “adapt to their environment”. The answer then lies in raising our levels of health in the food we eat, the habits we keep, the amount and quality of the water we drink, exercise, sleep, and a sound nervous system clear of spinal aches and pains.

Chiropractic Spinal Alignment Enhances the Nervous System’s Function:  That’s what we Chiropractors do every day, in my case for nearly half a century. Let us assist you in “proactive health care”. Let us enhance you’re spinal function by gentle and effective realignqment, spinal adjustments and deep tissue massage.

Chiropractic is an Essential Health Delivery Service: We are recognised “health Care Providers”, and we are open and ready to serve you.  Call for an appointment or make one online for Chiropractic spinal realignqment or a therapeutic massage at

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