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Everyday Common Pain:

It has been estimated as high as 80% of every day common pain is of mechanical origin. A GP is essentially a doctor of medicine which means they specialise in Alopathic Medicine. Drugs chemically alter function and mask pain, very few actually treat the underlying cause. If there is a mechanical cause then there ought to be a mechanical correction if indeed the purpose of the intervention is to locate and remove the cause.

Chiropractic The Science of Cause and Effect:

On September 18 1895 DD Palmer of Davenport Iowa manipulated a displaced neck bone in one Harvey Lillard and within 24 hours Harvey’s hearing was restored. That was the start of modern day Chiropractic, discovered almost by accident? I think not the spinal adjustment was well thought out and Palmer surmised that the misplaced vertebra could be pressing on a nerve resulting in Harvey’s deafness. He was right.

The Re Discovery Of An Old Science and ART:

Through research with the tools we have at our disposal today we discover DD Palmer’s was a re discovered of an ancient healing art practiced in different dispensations among many cultures. We see in Hypocrites writings of 500 BC, “Look well to the spine for the cause of dis ease”. Chinese have recorded in ancient texts the art and skill of spinal manipulation, as did the Greeks, Egyptians, even the Irish had “Bone Setters”. In the Egyptian Museum there is a manuscript on papyri dating back to Ramasees the second where the writer describes a technique used today that we know as a “double wing lift”. My patients would recognise this adjustment as a “thoracic lift”.

The Least Invasive of All Healing Arts:

Chiropractic spinal adjustments add nothing nor do they take away anything, they simply release the blockages of spinal and other bones and nerves in an attempt to restore normal function and movement. The side effect of a successful Chiropractic adjustment is it either works or it doesn’t, however it is entirely non invasive compared to drugs and surgery which rely on their invasiveness in order to work.

Read Our Google Reviews and You be The Judge:

People who visit Chiropractors for health maintenance are the supporters of the science and art, whereas ignorant people who have not had any personal experience offer negative and ignorant comments. Back in the 80’s the International Chiropractors Association filed a supreme court injunction for professional defamation against the American Medical Association and several medical doctors. The ICA won the case and a cease and desist order was made with a hefty fine and an additional benefit, hospital privileges for Chiropractic Doctors.

Results Speak For Themselves:

Tens of Thousands of Chiropractic doctors, see millions of patients every day of the week throughout the World, and yet less than 1 % are actually referred by other disciplines, but at least 50% are referred by existing happy patients. Remember the adage, “The proof of the pudding is in the eating”. Word of mouth referrals and Google Reviews tell the story. Today in Australia we have Universities offering Chiropractic degrees in WA, Vic, South Australia, NSW, and QLD, and in Auckland NZ. The evidence is out there, Chiropractic is the second largest health care delivery service in the World, earned by real results with real people.

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